Free VEin Screening

legs with veins
Have you thought of seeking treatment for your unsightly veins? If so, come see us for a complimentary vein screening.

Vein disease is a common issue that can not only cause painful, tired, and achy legs, but it can also impact your mobility and quality of life if untreated.
legs with veins
What Causes Varicose veins?
Varicose veins begin when valves inside your leg veins weaken and fail. These valves are essential for keeping blood moving up your leg. If a valve doesn’t work, some blood flows down your leg, causing a condition called venous insufficiency.

On its way down your leg, the refluxing blood reaches the next healthy valve and builds up in that part of the vein. The accumulating blood turns the vein into an engorged, bulging varicose vein. The underlying problem, venous insufficiency, also causes high venous pressure in your lower leg. This can lead to complications.

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***The initial complimentary consultation for APEX Vascular’s Free Vein Screening does NOT include ultrasound or other diagnostic tests or surgical procedures. The initial consultation appointment for the Free Vein Screening is a Free service provided by APEX Vascular.
Your insurance and you will NOT be billed for this complimentary service. If you are discovered to have venous disease at your Free Vein Screening appointment and you want APEX Vascular to manage/treat your condition, the additional diagnostic and surgical procedures will be billable.
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