Angie Jacobs, RN
Meet Angie Jacobs, RN

We at Apex Vascular are proud to introduce Angie Jacobs, RN is our dedicated sclerotherapy specialist.
She is skilled in administering the minimally
invasive, in-office sclerotherapy. Angie is very passionate about caring for her patients and helping them look and feel confident with their legs.

Angie's extensive experience providing sclerotherapy and vein treatments date back to 2013, when she first became a sclerotherapy nurse provider. Since then, she has successfully performed over 7,000 varicose and spider vein treatments.
Before discovering a passion in helping patients look and feel great about their legs, Angie worked as a registered nurse in an emergency room for 27 years.

Sclerotherapy with Angie is a virtually pain-free and quick in-office procedure, so that you can get back to living your life confidently with the hassle of hiding your legs.

Sclerotherapy consultations with Angie are available free of charge. Call us today to schedule your visit and see how Angie can help you!

beautiful legs
What's the cost?
The cost of sclerotherapy starts at $250 an hour.

**For Sclero patients, if you pay via credit card, there is a 3.5% upcharge.
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SCLERO Holiday Special!
We are offering $50 off a Sclero treatment if booked before the end of the year.
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Sclero gift certificates can be purchased for family and friends as a stocking stuffer.

If gift certificates are purchased between now and the end of the year, we will offer $50 off a sclero treatment.
**Gift certificates void if not used before March 31st, 2023.